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Mike Manczuk - Realtor 
Licensed in Utah
Lic.# 6077201


Lisa Baird - Realtor
Licensed in Utah & Nevada
Lic.# 10303635

"Regarding the "Zen Team" We recently purchased a home with the assistance of Mike Manczuk and Lisa Baird ("The Zen Team"). We were attracted to them after viewing their web site (which is a wealth of knowledge). This was not our first home purchase but our first home purchase in Salt Lake City,UT. We knew it was a competitive market and that secondary to that we were going to need an experienced agent. With Mike and Lisa we were blessed with not one but two experienced agents. Together they made what we thought was going to be a uphill battle more like a walk in the park. We let them know what we wanted and what our price range was and they did the rest. Daily listings that fit what we were looking for and available at the drop of a hat to meet us for showings. Once we made our choice they forwarded us a outline explaining what would take place between that day and closing. The whole process was painless and because this was not our first home purchase we appreciate and understand that the difference was the first class service, experience and professionalism that Mike and Lisa brought to the table. We take great pride in sharing our experience with Mike and Lisa with our family and friends alike. Whether you are a first time home buyer, seasoned veterans like us,or even just considering a home purchase, we strongly advise that you give the "Zen Team" a call. Alex Holiday Ut"

Alex and Carolyn

"If you are looking for a home and you're looking for a realtor to help you, look no further! Mike and his team will come through as if they were family! I've searched for the past 2 years for a realtor and a lender to work with my current situation! I've talked to realtors and was always giving the same answer that they could not help! I slowly started to lose hope that my husband and I would ever be able to own a home! One day I was searching the web and I came across his website. I called the phone number listed and even though there was no answer I left a message anyway. I received a text immediately after that he would contact me later on that afternoon. Mike ended up calling me later that day! I gave him the details of my situation Mike asked for mine and my husbands info to give to the Lender and they would contact me later in the week to let me know what they would be able to help. I really didn't think anything of it because I've "heard it all before." Mike had Bruce call me and to my surprise they gave me the details of what we approved for and that I could start looking immediately! One thing through this whole process that I'm very please with is the fact that the whole team was so prompt! If I had a question I was contacted by Mike who would either answer it or find me an answer! Anytime I had paperwork that needed to be signed Lisa was on top of it and sent it to me immediately! I know they have several clients, but I felt like they were only working with us! Communication is key as a first home buyer or any buyer in fact because this is a large life investment and being able to understand what you are juming into makes a big difference! Mike is the front line of this company and he is representing them very well! I can't stop telling my family and friends about this wonderful buying your experience! Thank you so much Mike and your team for making our dreams come true and making the impossible possible! Huni & Sami Herriman Ut"

Very satisfied clients Huni and Samiu Lomu

"Thanks to both Mike & Lisa. They are by far the best individuals I have had the privilege to work with. I felt like I was an only child and all the attention was on me. I loved both Mike & Lisa! Mary M Layton Ut"

Mary Machira

"I used Mike and his team to relocate from out of state. I did not know the area or market conditions. I needed to find a place fast and my work schedule was very demanding, leaving me very little time for research. When I told Mike my needs and wants, I could see he cared and understood my situation. His team took immediate action. I received everything I expected and then some. I am very confident that Mike can deliver premium service for all my future real estate needs. John M Roy Ut"

John M.

"I am an investor from the Bay Area in California. Mike was recommended from a relative of mine. Mike and his team guided me through 8 transactions in less than 1 year, and I have never even been to Utah! Mike did exactly what he said he would do. He found the properties, negotiated the price, facilitated the transfer of all the documents and closed the deals on time. With the strong Utah economy and Mikes help, I found renters for every property before closing. My property appreciation has been outstanding! Mike's attention to detail really took the stress out of investing in an unfamiliar market. Jon Troung San Francisco, CA"

Jon Troung

"Mike and his team came highly recommended by a friend and associate. I asked Mike to find me a solid investment property for my son to purchase and live in as his first home. Mikes response was " I only recommend investment homes for my clients that I would personally buy and hold myself. My personal integrity and reputation means more to me than just closing a deal." Fortunately Mike's experience found the right property that my son enjoyed and gave us the investment opportunity we were looking for. Trust, honesty and full representation are the standard with Mike and his team. Janet Diehl Cottonwood Heights, UT"

Janet Diehl

"I am a single mom and I came to Mike and his team as a first time home buyer. I truly had no idea where to start. Making a financial decision this important on my own was a scary thought but Mike and his group took the time to educate me on the entire process from market conditions and financing, to making my first offer. I am happy to be a homeowner, and I am very grateful I relied on Team Zen Utah. Liz Arragon Bountiful, UT"

Liz Arragon